2nd Learning Analytics Research Symposium

After the successful 1st Learning Analytics Research Symposium in Copenhagen in 2018, this year’s symposium will be held on the 28-29th November 2019 at the Department of Computer Science, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. With the 2nd symposium we invite researchers to extend the discussions about learning analytics in a Nordic context. We hope to inspire theoretical discussions and initiate joint research projects and funding applications. Our idea of a symposium is somewhere between the formal and the informal gathering to exchange ideas and start collaborations.

Learning Analytics is a rapidly growing research area, characterized for its approaches to better understand and improve learning processes and learning environments based on the analysis of large and/or multifaceted datasets than driven by particular theories or methods. The promise of Learning Analytics is to use the expanding amount of data that either is or can be collected and stored about how people act in different educational settings, to produce fundamentally new knowledge about teaching and learning. Large and multifaceted datasets have helped researchers find patterns and produce knowledge that can ultimately change the way we teach to foster learning. Particularly, analysis of these educational datasets can help design, implement, and evaluate different strategies for teaching and learning, which in turn can enhance the educational environments we learn in. However, as researchers, we need to couple the analyses with sound learning theoretical bases and existing educational knowledge to provide focus in the emerging jungle of data.

The idea for this symposium is that participants will discuss theoretical, methodological, empirical and technical contributions and projects in a semi-structured and semi-free, “walk & talk” way and engage in “hands-on” activities. Hopefully, this will initiate collaboration between researchers from different labs to enable constructive feedback on work in progress and joint research projects.

Free of charge

The symposium is free of charge. Coffee/tea, fruits, cake, lunch and dinner on-site on the 28th are included.

Organising Partners

Michail Giannakos, Computer Science Department, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Zacharoula Papamitsiou, Computer Science Department, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Kshitij Sharma, Computer Science Department, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Date and time

28-29th November 2019
From 9am-6pm each day including lunch and breaks.
Dinner at 6:30pm on the 28th of November

Place and address

Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

IT-bygget, Gløshaugen, Sem Sælands vei 9

Room No: 454, 4th Floor


For further information about the content and activities please write to Zacharoula Papamitsiou.

Goals of the 2nd LARS
The goals of the 2nd Learning Analytics Research Symposium are:
  1. 1. to continue last year's initiative and establish an annual event for discussing learning analytics in a Nordic context.
  2. 2. to bridge the LA data-driven approaches with the "traditional" theory-driven methodologies, commonly used in educational research, to interpret the knowledge that can be produced using LA, in a meaningful manner.
  3. 3. to find areas of collaboration between researchers in the Nordic countries and formulate ideas for specific collaborative projects.
  4. 4. to build stronger ties between the diverse research labs, with an interest in LA, accross the Nordic countries and add perspective to current research.
Who is this event for?
Set-up and expected outcomes
Program and activities